…All too soon I reached the alleyway. I could hear an engine running. By this time I was shaking with nerves. I knew that one more step would put me over the edge, out of my safety zone. In these heels there would be no turning to run.

I took the step, rounded the corner.

He caught me by surprise. He was standing, leaning on his car, a long black shiny expensive car. He was tall, well over six foot, lean, broad shouldered, with thinning hair, stubble, and a cold, cold glare.

“Hi!” I said, nervously. My voice was weak, my lips were dry.

He walked over and as he neared, I could smell his aftershave, cheap, not at all sexy. I noticed that he wasn’t that hot, in fact, he had a mean, angry sort of a face. He wasn’t smiling. He walked past me, around me, looking at my body, sizing me up, then when he returned to my front, he told me in a flat, emotionless voice:

“Go and stand by that wall.”

There was something in his tone of voice that told me bad things would happen if I didn’t do what he wanted. I tottered over to the wall, and falling forwards, put out both hands against it to steady myself.

Suddenly I could feel him right behind me, his breath on my neck, his body pushing against me. Rough hands grabbed at my dress, and I could feel it pulled right up, exposing my bare ass. I gasped in shock as I felt him rip down my thong.

“Lick my finger, slut,” he whispered urgently, and he pressed a finger against my mouth. I was so surprised, I opened my lips and he pushed his finger in. I sucked it as well as I could, then after a few seconds he pulled it out.

“Now, let’s see how tight you are,” he said, his breathing heavy. That very second I felt his finger push hard against my tight ass. I gasped and arched my back and tried to wriggle, but his finger pushed harder against me and I could feel it slipping inside me, gradually at first, then deeper, deeper, knuckle deep. He wasn’t gentle. He finger-fucked me roughly, so roughly that it nearly made me cry, I was open mouthed, I couldn’t articulate what I felt; a mixture of surprise, pain, and something else.

After a few seconds of this, he pulled his finger out, leaving me gasping. Then I felt something cold and hard against my ass. Without any warning, it slid up inside me, stretching me and I gasped again, this time I made a moaning noise.

“Stop complaining slut, this is what you want.”

I tried to shake my head, but just then he gave the butt plug a twist that sent waves of discomfort through my butt and made me bend forward.

“It’s not that big, you’ll get used to it,” he said, pulling my dress down over my butt. I could feel my ass swollen, and when I stood upright, pulling my thong back up, it felt so so big inside me. I dared not imagine how big the plug was, but it felt enormous.

He told me turn round, then gave me slap on the ass that rang out through the alleyway, echoing from the bricks. It made me stagger forwards, towards his car.

“Get in.”

I tried to remain polite, not letting my dress ride up too much as I lowered myself into the car, but as soon as I touched the seat, I felt the butt plug push a little further into me, and I wriggled, trying to find the best position. I did pretty well I thought, retaining my dignity with some success, but all of that went out of the window as soon as the engine started. The vibrations seemed to go right through me, making me gasp and causing my ass and my whole body to tingle, and I wriggled restlessly.

He reversed out and pulled onto the main road. As we drove through the darkness, he said nothing for a minute or two. Then I could feel him looking at me.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you slut,” he said.

Despite the sensations that were passing through my body every time we hit a bump or a pot hole in the road, I resented his arrogance, his smugness.

“Not really,” I said, bitchily.

I could feel him looking at me for a second or two. Then without warning he reached over and yanked up the hem of my dress. Under the flimsy lace of my thong, my cock was bulging. He stroked it with the back of his hand and I had to close my eyes, the pleasure was so intense.

“Oh really. Well your swollen boy clit tells me different.”

Soon we turned off the main road, into what looked like a country lane, then another, then another, until the roads were narrow, and the dark of the countryside hemmed us in. After several minutes of this, during which time the butt plug was hammered into my ass time and time again by the undulations of the road, we finally pulled over, next to a big wooden gate. By the lights of the car, I could tell there were trees around us.

“Get out.”

I hated the way he ordered me about, there was no compassion in his voice, I would have appreciated him opening my door and helping me out, but instead I had to struggle out myself. As soon as I put my heels down they sank a little into the earth. He flicked on a torch and he shone it into the dark of the forest.

“That way,” he commanded.

I stumbled forward towards the gate, squeezing through. Momentarily as I squeezed through the gap, I felt my cock brush against the cold of the metal gate and I gasped. He climbed over the gate and landed heavily. Then he walked up to me, grasped my hand so tightly it hurt, and led me tottering into the darkness on my heels.

As he led me into the dark woods, the cold breeze on my bare legs, I could barely stand upright, it was hard to walk in my six inch heels, and the butt plug inside me was pressing deeper with every step. His grip on my hand was so strong I knew it was useless to resist, I knew I would have to give him what he wanted…