Famous Australian Germaine Greer has accused the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons of pushing a trans agenda. Writing in her ‘Stands To Reason Don’t It’ column for the Daily Mail, the feminist icon hit out at the practice of genital surgery:

“You see it everywhere now. These cocker spaniels who take a trip to the vet, get their nuts snipped off, put on a pretty collar and expect me to call them Lady. Well I’m sorry but there’s a bit more to it than that.”

Greer, who was no-platformed after being announced as the headline speaker at Crufts, related the story of one particularly harrowing encounter:

“I met one the other day. Came lolloping up to me, you know, in the way that they do. Great hairy thing, it was, with a big wet male nose, and it had on one of those pink studded collars, but it wasn’t fooling anyone. Held out its paw for me, and even tried to lick me with its big fat man’s tongue. Gross! Sure I was polite and didn’t boot it in the face, but I was thinking, who are you kidding, mate?”

The feminist icon also claimed that she had been barked at for her views and that a spaniel mafia had been targeting her rhododendron bushes.

Her remarks are bound to add stir controversy, coming just a month after the publication of Jeni Murray’s searing polemical essay I met this trans woman once and the screening of Julie Bindel’s hard-hitting new Channel Four documentary: Something to do with chromosomes I think.